God Could Have Left Job Alone

When you go through a story that makes no sense, pour out your heart before God until you receive an answer. This, along with the next message, is the answer he gave me.

by Bob Sorge

1. God Could Have Left Job Alone

2. God Is Writing Your Story

God Is Writing Your Story

Are you suffering? Does the present trial make absolutely no sense? That's where I've been for several weeks. It's a terrible place to be when you have no way to make sense of it all, and feel abandoned by God.

This is one of the greatest messages I have ever heard. I don't know if it's because it's exactly what I needed to hear, (not what I WANTED to hear) - but if you're in a story in your life that makes absolutely no sense, listen to this. It may be God's answer to you.

by Bob Sorge